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One purpose of Ham on Regal is to raise funds to support the wide range of programs at Ferris High School. Our parent organization, The Ferris HS Parent Teacher Group (PTG), is in charge of soliciting applications for funds from the entire school staff and then deciding on the allocation of the funds. The PTG gives careful consideration to every department and activity requesting funding. Funding decisions are based on various criteria such as the number of students it will benefit and the number of years the purchase will be usable by the school. The distributed funds are used for items, activities and programs that need additional funding or are not fully funded by the school district, student body, or other available resources.

Since 1963, Ham on Regal has raised and PTG has distributed more than $1.5 million to programs and activities at Ferris. We’re very proud of that amount and delight each year when we get to present "the check" to the school.

Thanks for all the support we receive from advertisers, patrons, and donors!

2016 Allocation of Funds

Presentation of The Check
2016 Show Chairs Carlos and Sarah Herrera and Kalee and Kevin Arbanas present "The Check" to
Ferris Principal Ken Schutz
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