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The purpose of Ham on Regal is:

To raise money for academic materials, equipment, and extracurricular activities for Ferris students.
To meet other Ferris parents.
To help Ferris students and teachers.
To make new friends.

And Most of All - TO HAVE FUN!!!

The philosophy of the show is to build a community within the parent-teacher group while raising funds for the school. To be in the Ham on Regal cast, you must have a student currently enrolled at Ferris or be a member of the Ferris staff. Band members, however, may come from throughout the community (although many of our band members are Hambones). First-time "Hams" are sometimes shy and reluctant to be on the stage, but the jitters soon give way to the "Ham" part of their character and the show comes to life. There really aren’t any starring roles in Ham on Regal. Most parts are a few lines in a few scenes. And there are other areas of the show that need your talents such as the singing groups, dances, and non-speaking parts.

When your last child graduates from Ferris, you graduate from the stage portion of Ham on Regal. We look forward to all the new parents who join the show each year, because it’s so fun to have new ideas and new talents! We have a very large and active group of Hambones (graduates of Ham on Regal) who help us during Show Week and offer much appreciated support as we prepare the show each year.

Ferris parents are encouraged to participate in the show at whatever level is comfortable for them. If acting, dancing, or singing are not on your list, there are over 40 committees and more than 100 committee members that are involved in all aspects of the show. The Ham on Regal Players always need people to participate in costuming, lighting, sound, stage management, set construction, and creating props. You can also participate in Ham on Regal by selling or buying advertising for the program and tickets to the shows. In fact, the "Hams" will find the perfect fit for any parent who wants to be involved in this one-of-a-kind annual event.

TO BE IN THE CAST...you just come to rehearsals. Everyone is a member of the General Chorus. (With over 250 people on stage at one time, it doesn't matter if you don't sing or dance well!)

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